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Mr. Picky Carpet Cleaning

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Proud to be a non splash-N-Dash Company

Weston Shooltz And Mr. Picky Van
dirty carpet and clean picture 2
dirty carpet and clean carpet picture


High Performance Cleaning Equipmentpic wes cleaning carpet

1. 20 – 30 times more cleaning passes.

2. Our machines pull hair, dust, dirt, lint and other debris from your carpet.

3. Our carpet cleaning processes will insure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and looking great.

4. We are not simple and quick, to do a mediocre job takes no time at all, but to do a Great job it takes time.

5. We guarantee our services, and strive to impress our customers.

6. Our #1 goal is to earn your business year after year.

Don't replace that nasty carpet just yet!

Mr. Picky loves a good challenge.

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